We are a Property and Construction Consultancy

based on Experience, Knowledge and Expertise



Our roles comprise Client, Consultant and Contractor appointments.  The connection between all the activities is intelligent and diligent service to our employer and a good expert knowledge of what we are doing.

It is Bawn’s view based upon our own exposure to many projects of all sizes and types that what is required in today’s environment is a small team of highly experienced development, project and construction managers rather than large teams with limited expertise and knowledge.

Project set-up is the key to success, followed by on-going but limited management to help keep things on track and access to intensive follow up to provide effective and successful solution when problems do arise.

Project liabilities rest with the designers, cost consultants and constructors; we as professional managers recognise this and create an environment which ensures that those responsible perform to their obligations, whilst guiding them with the benefit of our expertise.

We really can and do make a difference for our Clients in such things as:

  • Help select the right team and get their appointments and payment terms suitable to the project and properly documented.
  • Creating collaborative working for project teams to improve performance and delivery.
  • Running projects successfully by getting the professional team consistently to perform well.
  • Improved development outcomes by ensuring the design is completed to meet the customer’s needs, to maximise value and to keep costs under control.
  • Solving Project Management issues.
  • Conducting reviews and recommending action to keep everything on course - a successful project is like sailing competitively - fine adjustments are needed all the time to keep moving quickly and safely in the right direction.
  • Integration of Construction Design and Management Coordination (CDMC) alongside the management scope, which we can offer through our subsidiary company www.ajdcm.com

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